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New, updated Taíno Dictionary and Grammar Guide, Now Available!

Gu'ahia Taíno - We Speak Taíno, A Classic Taino Dictionary and Grammar Guide, is now available to the public. Gu'ahia Taíno is published by the United Confederation of Taíno People, written by Kasike R. Múkaro Agueibaná Borrero (Taíno), edited by Dr. Erica Mercado Moore (Taíno), and illustrated by Alejandra Baiz (Taíno). Gu'ahia Taíno is a collaboration between Kasike R. Múkaro Agueibaná Borrero and the UCTP's Taíno Language Committee. This precedent-setting, updated dictionary, and grammar guide for the Indigenous Classic Taíno Language is developed by Indigenous Taíno leaders and the result of over a decade of research and community consultations.

The publication features historical review on the development of the Classic Taíno Language, in-depth comparative analysis with related and unrelated regional Indigenous languages, introductory grammar and syntax, detailed tables for focused study, a comprehensive word listing featuring simplified spelling, phonetic pronunciations, botanical information, updated taxonomic identifiers for plants and animals, an Indigenous-centered presentation of word definitions, and word source information for each entry. The publication also includes a brief focus on sentence phrasing, an English to Taíno index, and reference pages.

The Taino were the first Indigenous Peoples of the Americas to be called Indians and their descendants remain throughout the Caribbean and the Diaspora today. Gu'ahia Taíno - We Speak Taíno is available for order online at Barnes & Noble, click here, as well as other book retailers.

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