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UCTP Represented at Indigenous Conference and Celebration in Martinique

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UCTP Liaison Officer Stéphanie Galizia (center) with

Kali'na Chiefs Geatan Ti-Joseph and Claire-Suzanne Poulin.  

Martinique, West Indies (UCTP Taíno News) – Caribbean Indigenous Peoples are the focus of a week-long series of conferences and cultural celebrations on the Caribbean Island of Martinique entitled “Nouvel An Karaib en Martinique” (Karibe New Year in Martinique). The program features workshops, panel discussions, and cultural events and is organized by the Karisko Association with additional support.


UCTP Liaison Officer in Guadeloupe, Stéphanie Galizia, was a special invited guest of Karisko President, Marcel Rapon, and organizers and she has participated on several panels and the cultural events. Galizia noted that the event is organized not only to highlight Caribbean Indigenous cultures, but to “decolonize minds and reconnect people with their ancestors.”

Other special invitees included members of the traditional, Indigenous music group Ayawandé from French Guyana; Laura Jazmín Cotí Lux, Deputy Minister of Cultural and Natural Heritage, Guatemala; and Kali’na Yopoto (Karibe Chiefs) Geatan Ti-Joseph and Claire-Suzanne Poulin.   The event closes today, Friday, June 7th with a panel on Caribbean Indigenous Astronomy and closing activities.


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