A Message from the UCTP President on "El Dia de Kasike Agüeybaná el Bravo"
Saturday, 19 November 2011

Re: On the occasion of "El Dia de Kasike Agüeybaná el Bravo", Bo. Caracoles, Ponce, Boriken, 2011


Takahi Guaitiao (Greetings relatives):

I would like to begin by saying hahom (thank you) and bo matum to all the guaitiao present on this day of remembrance – you honor us all.

It is an honor to share a few words with you on this special day dedicated to one of our great Taíno heroes – Kasike Agüeybaná el Bravo.

Guaitiao and guaribo (warriors), we are the descendants of the survivors. Today, as family we collectively send a voice out to the universe and say that our heroes are worthy of remembrance. Our heroes are worthy of songs that will continue far into future.

Like kasike Agüeybaná el bravo, we know that life is about choices and as Taíno, our choice is clear. We choose to remember.

We remember the sacrifices of those who came before us.  We remember the earth, the winds, the fire, the water and all our sacred relations.

In closing and in solidarity, the United Confederation of Taíno People pauses in its work and joins you in the call for respect and acknowledgment of the ultimate sacrifice made by our national hero – Agueybaná el Bravo.

Han han katu, Seneko kakona,
Roberto Múkaro Agueibaná Borrero,
President, United Confederation of Taíno People,
Office of International Relations and Regional Coordination
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